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Workplace washrooms

When it comes to your workplace washroom, a well-maintained, hygienic, clean and pleasant bathroom environment is vital in contributing to your organisation’s overall workplace wellness. As part of the efforts to boost morale, encourage productivity and to set high workplace health standards, it’s essential that your employees and visitors have a good workplace environment, which includes a healthy and pleasant bathroom experience.

If you're after high-quality, reliable essential washroom services, Excel Hygiene may just be the washroom service partners you've been searching for.

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Customised packages

That’s why Excel Hygiene have designed comprehensive and customised washroom service packages tailored to meet your organisation’s specific needs. Our premium essential washroom products are offered alongside our hygiene services, which includes scheduled refills and disposals to ensure your peace of mind.

Our team of highly-skilled and experienced staff are trained to present neatly within workplaces, work discreetly to not disturb any ongoing business activities, and to respect the privacy of anyone who’s utilising the bathrooms during our scheduled visits.

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What we supply

At Excel Hygiene, our routine workplace washroom services include comprehensive, high-standard services that concern regular monitoring of your washroom’s commercial consumables stock levels, the necessary refills of dispensers, maintenance of disposal bins and managing the overall cleanliness of your washroom.

We are your one-stop-shop hygiene solutions provider! We have a premium, streamlined range of high-quality washroom hygiene products and consumables to ensure your bathroom has everything it needs.

The high-quality, commercial consumables we supply include toilet paper rolls and paper towels for your hand drying solutions. During our scheduled visits, we provide fully stocked consumables that will be available to all of your washroom visitors until our next service.

As for the bathroom hygiene products, we offer all the hygiene solutions and ongoing maintenance needed for increased hygiene protection.

Sanitary Bins

Our washroom products include feminine hygiene solutions like our women's sanitary bins. The sanitary bin's design is slim lined so they can fit into any sized toilet cubicle, have manually operated lids to allow for easy disposal of sanitary waste, and contain bin liners with odour-control granules. These feminine hygiene sanitary bins come in two different sizes - the 23 litre and 12 litre. You'll be pleased to know that there's no extra charge for the larger sanitary bins as we charge solely based on the service provided.

Automatic Hand Sanitisers Dispensers

At Excel Hygiene, we take hand hygiene seriously. So to ensure that all your workers and visitors have access to alcohol-free, anti-bacterial hand sanitisers, we offer installation of wall-mounted, automatic hand sanitiser dispensers. If you'd prefer not to install wall-mounted hand sanitiser dispensers, we also have a free standing design. Our dispensers are guaranteed to dispense a metered dose of premium, anti-bacterial solutions for the perfect hand hygiene solution every time.

Soap Dispensers

Similar to the sanitiser dispensers, our soap dispensers are an effective hand hygiene solution to avoid the transmission of harmful germs. Our extensive range of soaps dispensers offer either foam, spray or liquid soaps to suit your workplace needs. If required, we also have hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial soaps available.

Sharps Disposals Bins

As part of our workplace washroom services, we can install Sharp Disposal Bins. Once installed, we'll routinely maintain sharps containers by ensuring needles are disposed of effectively, discreetly, regularly and within the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) regulations for safety.

Nappy Disposal Bins

With each of our service visits, we'll replace your Nappy Disposal Bins with new nappy bins that have been cleaned regularly and recently sanitised so your bathroom remains fresh, clear of harmful bacteria and odour free. Our excellent washroom hygiene services regularly dispose of nappy wastes using our effective and environmentally safe disposal methods.

Air Fresheners

When considering odour control, our fully programmable, automatic air fresheners will deliver a measured dose of subtle fragrance at selected intervals to ensure your washroom facilities always smell fresh and clean. Not only are our CFC free fragrances great for your staff and customers, but they're also environmentally friendly!

Organisations We Service

Our Australian-based business provides Workplace Washroom Services to organisations in most regions of South-East Queensland, predominantly Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

We currently service a wide variety of commercial and industrial businesses. Some of these businesses include child-care centres, schools, cafes, restaurants, office blocks, medical centres, gyms and veterinary clinics.

No matter what your organisation is, we can partner with you to ensure your workplace washroom is consistently exceeding your standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

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Why choose Excel Hygiene?

Excel Hygiene is proudly a family-owned and operated Australia-based business. Our team of skilled and professional staff have many years experience of maintaining washrooms to a high-standard. We always strive to provide a better service with good quality and reliability at the very core of our offerings.

Our clients tend to stay with us because of the high-quality, high-standard and reliable washroom maintenance and customer support services we provide. So with our clear commitment to quality services, there are no hidden fees and we don’t lock our clients into contracts unless requested or specified. Once our clients engage us, they are free to cancel our service at any time by providing four weeks notice in writing. 

At Excel Hygiene, we pride ourselves on being a fast, hassle-free service. To achieve this, we save time and any disruptions by making sure the same staff member completes each routine service. That way there is no hassle for you having to show a new person to the washrooms each time! We value quality and transparent communication so that our team can complete a job well and assist you with any queries you may have along the way.

When it comes to arranging your standard servicing schedule, we will assess your needs based on the size of your washroom, the number of employees and typical visitors you have and then advise you on a recommended service schedule and any additional hygiene solutions you may require. While our standard servicing schedule is every 4-weeks, we can work with you to tailor a service package that suits your specific needs.

We value our customers

So if you’ve been searching for a hygiene service to partner with that will provide high-standard, reliable, customised workplace washroom services, then contact us and one of our friendly team members will get back to you shortly.

At Excel Hygiene we always strive to do our very best to ensure we meet and then exceed the expectations you have for the cleanliness and upkeep of your workplace washroom.

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