Sanitary Bins & Servicing

Professional, cost-effective and discreet female hygiene sanitary bins & servicing, with no lock-in contracts, and regular, reliable servicing and disposal. Sanitary bins or complete all-encompassing hygiene solutions. Request a quick quote or call us now.

Affordable Feminine hygiene bins and sanitary bin removal services

We offer a complete sanitary bin service, with the supply and ongoing servicing of sanitary bins.

Once we’ve installed your sanitary bins, we arrange a regular service cycle to sanitise your sanitary bins and dispose of your bathrooms’ feminine hygiene waste.

  • Sanitary bin supply — in two sizes, with bacteria-stopping and odour-eliminating features
  • Installation and delivery of sanitary waste bins — we deliver/install your bins for free, as part of our service
  • Regular disposal of sanitary waste and regular servicing of bins
  • Perfumed, anti-bacterial, high-density bin liners with a pleasant scent
  • Reliable servicing on a 4-weekly cycle (with options for more if you need it)
  • Responsive and friendly customer service
  • Cost-effective and affordable solutions tailored to you — we can take care of your complete hygiene solutions, or help with the areas you need help with.
  • No contracts are required.

Our full-service feminine hygiene service is discreet, professional, and maximises the bathroom experience of your guests and visitors.

We offer the consistency of the same service technician with every service, allowing less disruptions to your business.

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High-quality sanitary bins, supplied and serviced

Our women’s sanitary bins are sleek and slimline in design, sturdy and allow for easy disposal of women’s sanitary waste.

We supply, install, and service these on a regular 4-weekly schedule.

A feminine hygiene solution to suit your business needs

The sanitary bins we supply and service are a high-quality and cost-effective solution for feminine hygiene needs:

  • Slimline to easily suit  cubicles of all sizes
  • Manually operated lid design that allows for easy disposal of napkins and tampons
  • Contain granules that destroy infectious germs and eliminate unpleasant odours
  • Perfumed, anti-bacterial, high-density bin liners that deliver a pleasant fragrance
  • Two sizes are available: our 23 litre sanitary bins, or 12 litre mini sanitary bins
  • There is no extra charge for the larger bin — pricing is based on the service provided
  • There is no charge for the delivery/installation of our sanitary bins. It’s all part of our service.

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Cost-effective, reliable feminine hygiene solutions

Our sanitary bins services are a cost effective and reliable way to improve your workplace restrooms. By providing a safe and hygienic method of disposing sanitary waste, you offer a more pleasant washroom experience to all employees and visitors. 

Our regular servicing helps with the maintenance of your disposal bins and managing the overall cleanliness of your washroom.

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Our Customer Service Guarantee

  • No lock-in contracts
  • High-quality customer service and support
  • Reliable regular servicing
  • Transparent communication
  • Fast, and responsive customer service
  • Professional & discreet installation & servicing

No contracts required – because we stand by the service we provide.

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Tailored services to suit your business needs

We offer tailored solutions to suit your exact business needs. Whether you want just one solution, a combination of solutions, or your complete business hygienic needs taken care of, we can help.

Get a quick quote today for your supply, installation and servicing for your sanitary bins in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast, today. Or, ask for a quote for your complete hygiene solutions, today.

Have a question? Our team is also always happy to chat and answer any questions you may have.

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Why choose Excel Hygiene as your sanitary bin supplier and service professional?

Personalised customer service

We are proud to provide quality customer support and are always only one phone call away. As a small family business, we offer an unbeatable personalised customer service.

You’ll have the same team member servicing your sanitary bins every month, so your business will not be disrupted by new people who don’t know their way around. We’ll already know what you need.

Our personalised customer service also means that we can be flexible in finding solutions to help meet your needs for service times and times of peak and low demand.

No contracts

At Excel Hygiene Services, we don’t require our clients to sign contracts. We don’t need to, because we provide high-quality services and great customer experiences.

Simply chat with our friendly staff to organise a regular hygiene service schedule for your bathroom.

Professional & discreet

We’re a feminine hygiene unit installation and servicing team that is both professional and considerate. We never want to get in the way of your staff or clients and will always work discreetly when attending to your sanitary waste bins.

Get your free quote and book your service with Excel Hygiene Services today.

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Your complete bathroom hygiene solution: we’re a one-stop shop!

For your complete hygiene needs, we offer the additional benefits of one-stop-shop solutions — we stock a wide range of washroom supplies and hygiene products, including soap dispensers, automatic hand sanitisers, air fresheners and more, which we supply and service. We’ll even deliver and install these for free, as part of our service.

Our premium, streamlined range of high-quality washroom hygiene products and consumables ensure your bathroom has everything it needs to maintain superior standards of hygiene.

Here are some of the services we offer as a leading hygiene solutions provider, which could go hand-in-hand with your sanitary disposal units service:

Air Freshener Services

Create a fresh and pleasant fragrance in your organisation through programmed and controlled automatic air freshener dispensers. We supply, install, service and replenish your air fresheners on a regular schedule.

Automatic Hand Sanitiser Services

Keep your team and customers safe. Wall-mounted or standalone, our team installs and services automatic hand sanitisers.

Soap Dispenser services

Ensure effective hand hygiene to avoid transmission of harmful germs and prevent infection. We have a range of soaps and dispensers available to suit you and your washroom. We’ll install, service, refill and maintain your soap dispensers.

Sharps Disposal Serices

We provide subtle, hygienic and safe needle disposal with regular removal intervals to suit your organisation, operating within the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) regulation. We offer complete sharps disposal services, from supplying the disposal containers to removing and disposing of the sharps.

Washroom Consumable Services

Improve your washroom experience with clients and employees. We complement our feminine hygiene services by offering a large range of high-quality commercial washroom accessories, such as paper towels and toilet rolls. We’ll let you know if we notice you’re running low, and can even arrange to bring these with us on your next service visit.

Installations, Servicing and Refills

At Excel Hygiene, we deliver and install your automatic air freshener dispensers,hand sanitiser dispensers, soap dispensers, sanitary bins as part of the service. During our regular 4-weekly service visits, we’ll complete any replenishments or refills of dispensers that are needed, and service your hygiene equipment. We’ll also complete the maintenance of your sanitary bins, dispose of sanitary products and sharps, and everything else that’s part of your service schedule.

Servicing South East Queensland

We’re on-hand to provide your Queensland business with a wide range of washroom supplies, including feminine sanitary bins, air fresheners, and soap dispensers. From the Gold Coast to Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast, we support a range of industries with sanitary bins and servicing.

Get a quick quote today or Contact us and talk to our team about the hygiene products and services we provide.

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Fast, responsive, and dedicated service

About Excel Hygiene Services

We’re a Brisbane-based business that values quick response times. Working with local businesses, we’re able to provide efficient service when you need it most.

Excel Hygiene Services is also family-owned and operated, so you can trust that we’ll provide a personalised customer experience. We always strive to do our very best to ensure we meet and then exceed the expectations you have for the cleanliness and upkeep of your business, public, private, or workplace washroom.

Whether you need fresh and clean sanitary bins for your office, washroom products for your school, or something else, we’re here to help.


Reach out to us today to discuss your needs and we’ll tailor a sanitary solution to suit.

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more about our sanitary bin Brisbane installation and servicing or any of the other products we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team is always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about how it works? We may have answered it below. Otherwise, get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll be happy to help. 

The standard servicing arrangement is four-weekly, however, we can tailor a servicing package around your needs.

We will assess your needs based around the size of your washroom, number of staff, typical number of customers/visitors – then we’ll advise on a recommended schedule of servicing and additional hygiene product requirements. 

Our team can chat with you about your customers and specific hygiene needs to develop a logical service package for you.

We’ll assess your bathroom, staff and visitor numbers, then recommend a servicing schedule tailored to your needs. The standard service frequency is four-weekly.

Of course. Our staff are trained to present neatly and professionally in your organisation, work discreetly without affecting your team or client-base, and to respect the privacy of anyone utilising these washrooms.

We can schedule our visits in off-peak times to better convenience you and your organisation as well.

Yes, we’re happy to make service visits outside your normal servicing schedule. Just call us on 1300 345 895 and we’ll get one of our experienced technicians there as soon as possible!

We service all sorts of commercial and industrial businesses – gyms, child care centres, schools, commercial leasing, cafes and restaurants, office blocks, medical and veterinary centres.

Get a quote today

If you’ve been searching for a hygiene service to partner with that will provide high-standard, reliable, and responsive workplace hygiene and washroom services, we are your solution. Request a quick quote now and one of our friendly team members will get back to you shortly.

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