Wall Mounted Washroom Soap Dispensers

We install and maintain contemporary designed manual or automatic wall-mounted soap dispensers.

Choose from a range of foam, spray, or liquid soap dispenser refills. We also have hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial soap dispenser refills available.

Installation & Servicing

We offer service packages designed around our client’s needs. We can work after hours, or increase our servicing frequency in periods of peak demand, offering excellent value for money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How often your automatic sanitiser dispensers need to be restocked with more product will depend on the number of times they are used within certain periods. During busier periods where you have higher traffic, you will likely need more frequent refills than quieter periods. You may also see higher usage at times that COVID-19 is more prevalent within the community and people are more likely to take health precautions. 

We will create a customised servicing schedule, based on a number of factors such as how many staff members and visitors visit your bathrooms, any time factors such as busy periods, and your individual requirements, in order to predict when your dispensers will need refills.

We are able to come and restock your automatic sanitiser dispenser whenever it runs out, even if this is outside of the schedule that we set. Simply give us a call and we will organise your hand sanitiser to be restocked. And, as your service schedule for your hand sanitisers is tailored to you, it can be adjusted at any time that your needs change.

It really depends on your preference as to whether wall mounted or free standing automatic sanitiser dispensers work better for your business, what would look best for your location, what is easiest for people to find, and who needs to access your automatic sanitiser dispensers. 

Areas with narrow entryways, or where space is a concern, such as washrooms, bathrooms and hallways, will usually work best with a wall mounted sanitiser. Free standing hand sanitiser dispensers are often found at central points in situations where the sanitiser needs to be accessible to people walking from multiple directions, or where there is a larger space available, such as at events, shopping centres, and other spacious businesses and venues

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