Feminine hygiene services

Our women’s sanitary bins are sleek and slimline in design, sturdy and allow for easy disposal of women’s sanitary waste.
  • Slimline to easily suit all size cubicles
  • Manually operated lid design that allows for easy disposal of napkins and tampons
  • Contain granules that destroy infectious germs and eliminate unpleasant odours
  • Perfumed, anti-bacterial high-density bin liners which deliver a pleasant fragrance
  • Two sizes are available 23 litre or 15 litre mini sanitary bin*


*Please note, there is no extra charge for the larger bin as pricing is based on the service provided.

Installation & Servicing

We offer a professional and discreet regular service schedule to ensure your sanitary bins are kept at the highest standards of hygiene for your employees and customers. At the time of service, we remove contents, thoroughly clean and sanitise the sanitary bin and install a new perfumed, high-density anti-bacterial bin liner.

Our customer service guarantee

Servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast.

We support a range of industries through tailored and flexible hygiene packages across Brisbane and the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about how it works? We may have answered it below. Otherwise, get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll be happy to help. 

The standard servicing arrangement is four-weekly, however, we can tailor a servicing package around your needs.

We will assess your needs based around the size of your washroom, number of staff, typical number of customers/visitors – then we’ll advise on a recommended schedule of servicing and additional hygiene product requirements. 

Our team can chat with you about your customers and specific hygiene needs to develop a logical service package for you.

We’ll assess your bathroom, staff and visitor numbers, then recommend a servicing schedule tailored to your needs. The standard service frequency is four-weekly.

Of course. Our staff are trained to present neatly and professionally in your organisation, work discreetly without affecting your team or client-base, and to respect the privacy of anyone utilising these washrooms.

We can schedule our visits in off-peak times to better convenience you and your organisation as well.

Yes, we’re happy to make service visits outside your normal servicing schedule. Just call us on 1300 345 895 and we’ll get one of our experienced technicians there as soon as possible!

Absolutely – if you are closing for a period of time, just let us know and we’ll put a hold on your servicing. Please inform us at least 2 weeks prior to re-opening so we can restart your servicing schedule.

Yes, Brisbane based, owned and operated. Which means we are fully committed to providing an excellent service for our clients…you’ll find we’re quick to respond to requests, turn up on time, are discreet and professional.

We service all sorts of commercial and industrial businesses – gyms, child care centres, schools, commercial leasing, cafes and restaurants, office blocks, medical and veterinary centres.

No – but we make their job easier by ensuring all your washroom accessories like sanitary and nappy bins, soap dispensers and air fresheners are maintained in the highest conditions.

Easy! Our all-natural Pysect Insecticide dispenser releases measured doses of spray at pre set intervals, significantly reducing the incidence of flies and other airborne insects from entering your premises.